Re: Connection of pc to Signal messenger or WhatsApp

Sim Kah Yong

Hi Daniel

Try NVDA + Space to switch to browse mode and see if it helps. Thanks.

On 26/6/2022 7:43 pm, Daniel Sommerfeld wrote:
Hi Brian and all.

I finally managed to connect my signal to my pc. It works just fine.

But i still have a problem with using it under NVDA.

When i am scrolling through the messages, it still reads buttons and lines when the focus is on a message in a chat window. With the other screenreader, i don't havve that problem. You know, the dhark. :-)

Is there a way to turn that off for NVDA so i can read the messages easier?



Am 24.06.2022 um 09:41 schrieb Brian's Mail list account via
I seldom have a screen connected to most of my computers, so I feel their attitude is a little restrictive when most other systems seem to be happy using short texts or sending a code to a separate email address.
Not really nvdas fault, just all part of the fuzzy thinking when it comes to accessibility vs security.

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