Re: reducing the frequency of progress updates

Bob Cavanaugh

I use Firefox, so that may be the difference. The other instance I
notice this in Firefox is when downloading a file. Now that Firefox
opens the downloads panel, it says downloading the filename, progress,
and time remaining. Currently, NVDA seems to update the progress every
tenth of a megabyte, but if I hit control, it jumps forward quite a
bit. It seems like in both instances, NVDA holds the progress
indicator in its speech buffer, and announces it as often as it can. I
wonder if there's a way we can get it to not do that, and only
announce progress as close to live as it can?

On 6/27/22, Tyler Spivey via <tspivey@...> wrote:
This would be accurate if it was a real progress bar. I suspect it's a
live region.
The default percentage for speak is 10%, and it doesn't say transferring
at the end.

However, I couldn't reproduce this. I went to WeTransfer and selected a
file, but uploading gave me no automatic progress bar in Chrome.

On 6/27/2022 4:31 PM, Luke Davis wrote:
Bob Cavanaugh wrote:

Is there a way for NVDA to only give as many progress indicator
outputs as it can comfortably speak?
NVDA doesn't know what it can comfortably speak, because it doesn't know
how long the progress bar is.

I think one of two things could be done.

1. If we were to make progress bar announcements interruptible, NVDA
could cancel the speech of the current percentage, and replace it with a
new percentage when the bar is recalculated.  However, in the situation
you described, I think what you would end up with is a bunch of
partially started speech fragments that never complete. It may never be
able to finish speaking a full digit, just a bunch of stuttering
gibberish until the bar either bogs down, or completes.

Is that an acceptable outcome? I suspect not.

2. Alternatively, NVDA could try to monitor the speed at which the bar
is progressing, and assume that in the future, it will continue at that
rate. It would then have to adapt its granularity to the speed of the
bar. In other words, if it's taking fifteen minutes, then announcing
single percentages would be fine. But if it's taking 15 seconds, only
announcing 20%, 50%, and maybe 80%, would be sufficient.

That would require rather a bit of computational guesswork, and coverage
for cases where the bar suddenly changed speed as they often do, but I
can imagine how to pull it off. I couldn't find anyone asking for this
on GitHub.

If one of those is what you want, I suggest you put in a feature request.

3. Well okay there is one more thing: one of NVDA's undocumented
settings can help you here, if you don't mind ini file twiddling. Take a
look at Brian Gaff's comment in the below.


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