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This same issue exists in command prompt of course, where the process finishes almost instantly but the reading goes on for an age.
I've not found any way to control either problem.
I have one web page where there are progress bars for file and total upload so the bleeping can sound most odd as can the reading. I've yet to find a way to say only read this progress bar, but not this one etc, I guess in the command prompt you can output to a text file, but not every dos based program will respect that choice either!

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Hi all,
I have changed my NVDA progress indicator from beep to speak, but am
wondering if there is a way to refine the way progress is announced.
Is there some way I can only have as many indicators announced as NVDA
can read without getting behind? For example, I just sent a file to
someone using We Transfer. As the file was uploading, NVDA would say
1% transferring, 2% transferring, 3% transferring, and on and on. If I
hit the control key at that point, it would continue to speak, but say
8% transferring, 9% transferring, etc. Is there a way for NVDA to only
give as many progress indicator outputs as it can comfortably speak?

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