Re: "input gesture dialog" bug


Sorry, but I use NVDA in french language.
For english language, it's the "tools" category.
I don't think it's up to the user to decide whether this error is important or not.
If developers are logging errors, maybe it matters and probably want to know when they happen.
Otherwise, they log warnings.
I think it is up to them whether the errors that have been reported to them should be corrected or not.
Best regards.
Le 29/06/2022 14:26, Gene a écrit :

I don't know why you see the mouse category where you describe it.  I have to up arrow something like seven or eight times.  Once I get there, if I shift tab once to the filter field and type z, then tab once to the list of filtered results, the results are filtered properly.  There are many times when errors occur in NVDA that don't have any effect on the operation of the screen-reader and in such cases, errors are generally not corrected. 


On 6/29/2022 6:08 AM, bering.p wrote:
I think I discovered an NVDA bug using the "input gestures" dialog.
I would like you to confirm this and if so, that one of you accustomed to the ticket, make one.
I consistently reproduce it with NVDA 2022.1 and 2022.2 beta and all add-ons disabled.
To do this:
- launch nvda with add-ons disabled,
- display the "Input gestures" dialog,
- press "end" to select the last category,
- go up two categories to select the "mouse" category,
- then "shift+tab" to position the cursor in the "filter" field,
- type "z".

A series of errors appear in the log.
Then, each time the "Input gestures" dialog is restarted, a new error is entered in the log.
Thank you.
Best regards.


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