Re: "input gesture dialog" bug


Hi all,

As Luke pointed out, this is caused by input gestures dialog trying to show more categories than category results count it has found. You can reproduce this bug across languages (which explains results Paul and Rui were reporting) as follows:

  1. Open input gestures dialog.
  2. Do not select any category (NVDA should select the first category, so leave it at that).
  3. Press Shift+Tab to move to "filter by" edit field and type a letter.
  4. Press Tab to move to gestures/categories tree view and record how many categories are showing.
  5. Move back to filter by edit field and clear it (delete whatever letter you wrote).
  6. Move to the tree view and select a category that is positioned one below the number of categories from steps 3 and 4.
  7. Move to filter by edit field and enter the letter from step 3.

Expected: no errors.

Actual: error with IndexError traceback is recorded in the log. You won't hear the error tone if you are using stable version of NVDA.

Cause: see Luke's remark.

Technical (internals): a gestures view model is used by NVDA to show you categories, input help messages, and associated commands. During normal business hours (when no errors occur), you would select the first category, search for gestures, and NVDA will not play error tones. This is because the list of results is greater than 1 unless you type a string of letters and symbols which results in the tree view becoming empty. The IndexError comes not from input gestures dialog per say, but from the gestures view model as the categories count exceeded the position of the tree view you were focused on (NVDA uses GetSelection function from various wxWidgets controls a lot to determine where you are and take appropriate actions as this function returns the position index (0-based)).

For folks wishing to submit a GitHub issue, search for existing issues on input gestures dialog before writing a new issue.

Cheers, Joseph

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