Re: "input gesture dialog" bug


On Wed, Jun 29, 2022 at 09:16 AM, bering.p wrote:
When an error is traced in the log, how do you as a user know that it does not impact NVDA?
Do you notice any difference whatsoever in NVDA (or insert appropriate program here for others) behavior?   If no, that's enough.

I'd love for those getting exercised about this to one day open up virtually any Windows error log you can think of.  There are literally hundreds of errors per day, sometimes per hour, where the world goes merrily along.

If the error is neither fatal, nor deleterious to the user experience, then it's a big meh.  Normal errors do exist.  And we know this in NVDA because every time those inexperienced with the betas start using one there are almost invariably reports here stating, "I'm hearing the error sound repeatedly."  Those are almost equally invariably "normal errors" that would never be reported to the end user in the production software, even if that very beta is what becomes the production software.

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