Re: "input gesture dialog" bug


Thanks Cyril.
I took the time because I had it, but I won't do it every day.
Others will have done it much faster than me.
For information, I have worked around this problem in my add-on.
If necessary, I will explain it when answering the ticket.
Best regards.

Le 29/06/2022 21:55, Cyrille via a écrit :

Paul, I have seen that you have opened the ticket.
Thanks and congratulations!
For reference, here is the link: #13854.


On Wed, Jun 29, 2022 at 08:44 AM, Cyrille wrote:
Hi all

Why don't you open the ticket yourself? You have all the skills to do it. The technical description that you made of this issue is more than correct with a detailed way to reproduce the issue. And your English, as written in your messages, is also correct.
If something else is blocking you, just let us know and we can help, here or in GitHub once the ticket is opened.

A common consequence of an error occurring in the GUI is that the GUI may not work as expected in the future. For example if you add the following steps to Paul's steps:
- close the input gesture window
- open a new input gesture window
- open a new input gesture window
- open a new input gesture window
- open a new input gesture window
- open a new input gesture window
- open a new input gesture window

You will end up with many input gesture window opened, whereas the standard behaviour of NVDA is to re-focus the input gesture window if it is already opened in the background.



On Wed, Jun 29, 2022 at 04:08 AM, bering.p wrote:
I think I discovered an NVDA bug using the "input gestures" dialog.
I would like you to confirm this and if so, that one of you accustomed to the ticket, make one.
I consistently reproduce it with NVDA 2022.1 and 2022.2 beta and all add-ons disabled.
To do this:
- launch nvda with add-ons disabled,
- display the "Input gestures" dialog,
- press "end" to select the last category,
- go up two categories to select the "mouse" category,
- then "shift+tab" to position the cursor in the "filter" field,
- type "z".

A series of errors appear in the log.
Then, each time the "Input gestures" dialog is restarted, a new error is entered in the log.
Thank you.
Best regards.



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