Re: using nvda on google doodle polls


Here is a correction and another  minor correction. 
On the button that places me in the wrong field where I said that returning to it and repeating the command many times changes the state of the check box, that doesn't work.  Do the following instead,
When you are moved to the wrong field, tab back to the actual check  box.  Use the numpad insert numpad plus command once on the check box.  You will hear check if it is unchecked.  Then shift tab to the button and use the double click command, NVDA insert NVDA enter issued very quickly the same command you have been using.  That works, or it did the two times I tested it.

the minor correction is that at times, issuing what I'm calling the double click command only once works with other check boxes.


On 6/30/2022 4:20 AM, Gene wrote:

This way seems to work.  It may sound involved but it may sound a lot more involved than it is.  I hope it works for you.  I did this using my Windows 7 machine, Firefox and NVDA.  You can see if it works on your system with whatever browsers you want to try.

It appears I figured out how to get the check boxes to check and uncheck, but I don't understand why this works and why another thing doesn't work.  Try the following:
Tab around and be on something you want to check.  Turn off browse mode.  You will find a button and a check box, both for the same thing.  If you use keyboard commands, nothing will happen. 
You will find that if you are on a check box, using the default action command, numpad insert numpad enter, you will hear check if the box is unchecked and uncheck if the box is checked.  However, if you then look at the state of the check box, you will find it unchanged. 

Instead, work with the button associated with the check box, which is a shift tab back from the check box.
Use the same command, numpad insert, numpad enter. 
Issue the command twice quickly, as though you were double clicking a mouse.  Check the check box by tabbing once to it.  This doesn't work the first time, at least not usually.  Shift back to the button and Issue the double click command again and check.  If that doesn't work, issue it a third  time, going back to the button to issue the command every time.  This usually works for me after the second or I think sometimes the third time I issue the command.

As you tab, after you have checked whatever you want, you will find a button that says cannot find a time.  Press the space bar on it and a dialog will come up to fill in your name and e-mail address. Fill in both fields and tab to the appropriate button.  I don't recall what it says but use it to submit the form.

I noticed on one of the fields in this form that when I would double click the button, it moved me to a completely different field, moving me backward.  but if I kept tabbing back to the right button and double clicking it, after a number of times, the check box was checked. 

This is such a ramshackle way of doing things because of the odd now it works and now it doesn't nature of what is occurring that all I can say is these methods or about these methods work when I try them on this form.  You may find you need to experiment but I'm not at all sure anything else works. 

While this is hardly ideal, it seems to let you do what you want in filling out such a form.  I have no idea if you can create one successfully.


On 6/29/2022 10:10 PM, Mary Otten wrote:
I didn't include an example, because I thought they were all the same, and I didn't want people to accidentally enter things on an unrelated poll. However, here is the poll I was having a problem with:

On 6/29/2022 8:06 PM, Luke Davis wrote:
Mary Otten wrote:

doodle poll, and I have  tried on firefox and google chrome. And I just don't get it. Are these things suppose to be accessible? I see nowhere to enter my

Where is the example? I'm sure you meant to include an example we could try, but it didn't show up.


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