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Pranav Lal

Hi Gene,


The item is not a graphic. Use firefox and see if you hear “clickable” as soon as you down arrow from the user name edit box.




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How do you see the graphic?  I see nothing and if I press enter on lines where I hear nothing, if I up arrow once from the username field and press enter, I'm placed in the username field, the same with the password field.

also,  how do you know which mode you are in?  I see two items, one that says live and the other says paper but they don't indicate in any way which is active.


On 6/30/2022 8:10 AM, Pranav Lal wrote:

Hi Tyler,
A very clever solution. However, my hitting the resulting  button did not do anything. I tried with both google chrome and firefox. 
I however explored some more and found an unlabeled clickable item after the user name edit field. I hit enter on that and was able to switch to paper trading mode.
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Open the dev console with ctrl+shift+i. In the edit box, type:
document.querySelector('span.switchery').setAttribute("role", "button")
Hit enter, close the console with the same key and hit the button that should've appeared.
On 6/30/2022 1:43 AM, Pranav Lal wrote:
Hi all,
See the page at the below link.
The above link is the login page for my stock broker. I have a live trading
facility and a paper trading facility.    The default login is live. There
are 2 items above the user name box live and paper. I want to activate 
the paper option.
How do I do this? I have tried object navigation and hitting enter and 
also switching to forms mode on that item and hitting enter without success.
If this is the case for a physical mouse, I do have a USB mouse 
connected to this machine. Brian, can your mouse pad advice work with 
a USB mouse or should I switch to an  optical mouse?


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