Re: signing in as host on Zoom

Bob Cavanaugh

According to the below article, it is possible to claim host
privileges if the host key is known, which it is in this case. What I
am not sure about is if the account has to be set up for anyone to
come in and start talking, which this one isn't.

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It is apparently to do with security. You don't want people to be able to
hack in as a host without the owners consent.
I actually am Zoomed out since the pandemic, and have not used it

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No, she will have to start the meeting, then grant you host via a right
click on your name under participants. This is how I did this. Good luck.

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Hi all,
I'm guest hosting our monthly Zoom meeting for my friend who is going to be

in Omaha this weekend. We've been on Zoom trying to figure out how to grant

me host privileges. She at first couldn't find her host key, but once we
figured out that, she sent it to me, the theory being that when the time
comes for hosting the meeting, I can sign in as host. The problem is that I

can't find the button to do so on the desktop client using NVDA. Can anyone

help please?

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