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Of course in the UK it all comes out in British English, so there is no way to know. However I have encountered some bizarre sites over the years that switch languages all over the place for no apparent reason, and then those settings come in very handy!


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Uncheck language switching and dialect switching, the next setting in
the same dialog. If you don't have settings set to be saved on exit,
save the settings after activating the OK button with control NVDA key c.

On 6/30/2022 10:06 PM, Governor staten wrote:
Hello folks. I'd like to know if you see the same thing on this site?

I frequently visit:

The chosen voice is English American.

Now, go to this site:

Press "h" and start reading from there. While the voice doesn't change
from American English, the dialect seems to change. When I uncheck
language switching and close the settings window, everything is okay.
The British accent is annoying to me. Is there a way to stop this from
happening? I hope this is clear.

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