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Also, no one has brought up the possibility that there may be a connection problem and that pages are loading more slowly.  You can try running a test of the cconnection speed but you can likely determine if there is a problem with the connection by starting a download from a site that is reliably fast and checking the download statistics during the download to see if they are much slower than usual and how much slower they are.  Depending on the size of the file, you don't have to download the entire file; you can cancel the download.  But if the speed is much much slower, there may be a problem with the connection.
It is far too early to reach any conclusions about what the problem may be.  But if Internet Explorer and Firefox were getting slower in general, we would see complaint after complaint from user after user. 

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Subject: Re: [nvda] in search of a fast browser for windows 10

The problem may have nothing to do with the browsers.  You may have malware that is slowing things down or perhaps there is another reason I may not have knowledge to discuss.  Just trying different browsers may not make a meaningful difference and may delay you looking into what may be the underlying problem. 
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Subject: [nvda] in search of a fast browser for windows 10

Hello all.
I hope this is the best, most appropriate list in which to post this.

Firefox and internet explorer are becoming really slow for me.
What i'm in serch of is a fast and stable browser that I can rely on
until edge becomes usable.
Thanks so much.
ps. What about chrome?


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