Re: Less Verbosity In Task Manager?

Chris Smart

Yes, I know about typing the partial name of what I am looking for.




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Sent: July 1, 2022 12:17 PM
Subject: Re: [nvda] Less Verbosity In Task Manager?


I don't know why, if you are in the details view, you hear those things.  Do you know what you are looking for and its name in the list?  If you type the first letter or the first two or three letters if there are many items with the same first and second letters, you will move immediately to the item if there is only one.  In other words, if you type mai for example and there is just one item called mail, you will move to it.  I don't know if there is something called mail in the list but that is an example.  The more letters you type if there is something that has many of the same first letters as others, the more likely you are to be on the item.  So even with a lot of verbosity, it will be much faster than up and down arrowing  or just typing the first letter repeatedly. 

I didn't change the details because what you are hearing has nothing to do with the details shown.  You are hearing announcements about the interface, that the item is in a grouping, for example.


On 7/1/2022 11:03 AM, Chris Smart wrote:

Hi. Thanks for this. I active the “fewer details” button, and still hear:

List of items data grid, list of items of items, Process: Microsoft Outlook.

This is in windows 10 by the way. I probably forgot to include that detail.



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Subject: Re: [nvda] Less Verbosity In Task Manager?




I don't have Windows 11 and I don't know if this has changed.  In Windows 10, you won't see all the same things but you can get to a list of processes that is similar to the list in Windows 7 in the Task Manager.  Once you open it, use the command control tab many times to get to a part of the dialog called details.
I believe you have to tab once to get to the list. 

In Windows 10, you shouldn't hear excessive verbosity and you can move through the list in the same way as in Windows 7.


On 7/1/2022 10:31 AM, Chris Smart wrote:

I find Task  Manager to be very verbose, at least when navigating the list of processes to disable something.


Here’s an example of what I hear, after I arrow to Microsoft Outlook in the list.


List of items  list

Apps  grouping

Process: Microsoft Outlook


I’ve explored document options in NVDA Settings, and can’t seem to reduce this much.

Am I missing something simple and obvious?







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