Re: A weird case that kills NVDA

Christo de Klerk

I am using the SAPI version of Vocalizer, the South African English voice, Tessa. Yes, it is quite possible that Tessa is getting choked up, not NVDA as such. I'll give your suggestion a go some time.

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On 2022/07/02 01:33pm, Gene wrote:
I don't know why having the string in that particular place causes a problem.  Perhaps there are no spaces and when you write it elsewhere, you have spaces before and after it.  What synthesizer are you using?  It is most likely that the string causes the synthesizer to crash.  If you are curious enough, you can disable the rule and look at  a message using a different synthesizer.


On 7/2/2022 4:45 AM, Christo de Klerk wrote:

Hello all

Here is some weirdness that I will try to describe in some detail. When this happens, it kills speech from NVDA, but the computer is not frozen. If you give the Ctrl+Alt+n command, you hear the NVDA startup sound and it comes back. You do not get the NVDA shutdown sound. Here is what seems to be the cause and how I worked around it:

I am using Thunderbird as my email client. The columns in my inbox are set up to show attachments first (if any), followed by From, followed by Subject. As I have been doing email, every now and then I lost all speech and had to restart NVDA, just for it to die again when I got to a particular message. I used Narrator to figure out what the offending message header was and saw that in the From column,it showed "_Congrat_" and nothing in the Subject column, obviously some spam or malware kind of message. I then set up a rule to scan for the string "-Congrat" in the From, To, or Subject fields and to delete such a message. That seems to have worked around the problem.

I have no idea why this causes NVDA to go quiet on me, because having the offending text string in my message does not have any negative effect.

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