Re: alphanumeric strings as phonetics?

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Could it just be looking at words with caps inside the word other than at the start?

I'd still expect a lag though, unless it had already built up an index of such things in the document being read first which would delay the start of reading.
Goodness knows what it would make of nvda Python logs and code then! Grin


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So, if I'm understanding you correctly, you want NVDA to detect that it has an unpronounceable alphanumeric string when it's doing a say all and, when such is encountered, say it phonetically?

Yes. That would be ideal.

It's not that something like this couldn't be done, but it does require quite a bit of overhead as each "word" would need to be analyzed as to whether it was an alphanumeric string in realtime, which is a non-trivial and resource intensive task (relatively speaking) since there is no way to predict where such might occur in a text. Does the JAWS feature do this during a Say All?

Yep, I just tried it.

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