Re: New Thunderbird Version 102.0 Issues


On considering this further, from what you say, NVDA doesn't go into browse mode automatically when you tab away from the search field.  But if anyone is either on the main list or in a list of search results and you can't move properly through the list, turn off browse mode and you will be able to do so.

On 7/3/2022 1:22 AM, William wrote:

Gene  and all,

I am using nvda 2022.1, thunderbird 102, Mozilla Apps Enhancements 1.16

If I open the addressbook, say pressing ctrl shift b,

nvda immediately focus onto the search field.

If I type something like nvda, then I press two taps I can browse all the match search results by moving up or down arrow.


Gene 於 3/7/2022 13:47 寫道:
Here is more information:
It appears what I did working with the address book had no bearing on the add-on working.

I'm running Thunderbird Portable so I updated an old version and tried working with the add-on in the newly updated version.  The add-on worked, even though I hadn't done what I did in the address book in the version I updated earlier.

I hope others discuss whether the add-on works if they update.  I don't know if the add-on generally works or not and if people are going to ask that it be modified to work with the new version, we need to know if the modification is necessary.


On 7/2/2022 7:10 PM, Gene wrote:
Here is an odd thing.  The NVDA Mozilla apps enhancements didn't work when I first tried it in the new version.  I tried it again a little later and now it does.  I was playing with the address book search, and I have no idea if that changed anything regarding the layout but it works for now, at least for now, I don't know if it will continue to work.


On 7/2/2022 6:58 PM, Gene wrote:
If you want to look down the list of addresses, if you turn browse mode off in the address book and tab to the list, you can up and down arrow in it and it will appear as a standard list.  There is no first letter navigation.

Autocomplete works as before in e-mail messages.  I haven't played with the search address book feature to any extent and I'm not sure I understand it yet.


On 7/2/2022 6:50 PM, Gene via wrote:
Here, below my signature, is the page that comes up in Thunderbird the first time it runs after the update.  As you will see, the header layout has been changed, which assumedly, accounts for the NVDA Mozilla enhancements no longer working.

If people aren't aware of this, you can set Thunderbird not to update automatically and to inform you when updates are available.


New in Thunderbird 102
This article describes some of the major changes visible to users in Thunderbird version 102. Full details of all the changes can be found in the Thunderbird release notes from 102.0 and up.
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Thunderbird 102 helps you be more productive with less effort. When reading your email, the redesigned message header allows you to focus on what matters as it highlights important information. It’s also more responsive and easier to navigate. Plus, you can star important messages from the message header itself, and easily convert them into a calendar event or a task.
Thunderbird 102 gives your contacts a serious upgrade! The refreshed design makes it easier to navigate and interact with your contacts, and helps you better understand who you’re communicating with. The new Address Book has compatibility with vCard specs, meaning if your app can export your existing contacts into vCard format, Thunderbird can import them. Each contact card also acts as a launchpad for messaging, email, and event creation.
Screenshot of Thunderbird's new addressbook.
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Screenshot showing the new matrix chat in Thunderbird.
Screenshot of the new spaces toolbar in Thunderbird.
Thunderbird 102 offers a new way to chat privately and securely with your colleagues, friends, and family. We’ve added support for the open-source, decentralized chat protocol Matrix, and it’s usable right out of the box! (As always, we welcome your feedback since it’s an evolving service.)
There are many other big changes that make Thunderbird 102 a very large release including:
• New Icons and Default Folder Colors
• Use Thunderbird without an email account (for example, as an RSS reader)
• Numerous OpenPGP improvements
• CalendarLocal parser converted to javascript
• Today Pane calendar UI refresh
• POP3 implemented in javascript
• Account settings moved to macOS application menu
• Plus: Application-wide font size control, Theme fixes, FileLink fixes, Accessibility fixes, improved vCard integration, improved calendar startup performance, Calendar fixes including correct order of week view headers and days for right to left locales.
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Thunderbird is both free and freedom respecting, but we’re also completely funded by donations! Help us sustain the project and continue to improve.
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