Re: Actual version of the ifinterpreter addon?

José Manuel Delicado Alcolea


Due to an unknown reason, this author places all his add-ons uncompressed inside the repository. Seems there are no packaged versions.


El 03/07/2022 a las 19:38, Mohamed escribió:

That download link is using my Google Drive. Although the site says it's only compatible with 2019.3, I've updated the add-on to the latest version which is compatible with 2022.1.

On 7/2/2022 12:07 PM, Brian Vogel wrote:
If it's been updated, it doesn't seem that the developer has propagated that out. 

From the NVDA Add-Ons Directory (hosted by the Spanish-Speaking NVDA Community Association):  

Automatic speech output for interactive fiction interpreters (IF Interpreters)

1.3 (stable) From NVDA 2017.3 up to 2019.3 IF Interpreters 1.3 (stable)
The developer's page shows 1.3 as the latest release.  I have no idea if this add-on falls into the category where doing nothing more than a manifest update would make it compatible with more recent versions or not.  I would contact the developer directly regarding whether an update is to be issued or not.

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