Re: Accessing My TeamViewer ID and Password With NVDA

David Goldfield


Unfortunately, there has been an accessibility regression in later versions of TeamViewer which makes reading the partner ID and password difficult.

First, if the tab key is silent try pressing the escape key and then see if the tab key navigates from one field to the next.

Even if it does the problem is that the cursor no longer allows you to read the characters in the partner ID or password fields. It will speak them, however, so you could use NVDA’s speech viewer to review them. Just enable it first from within the Tools menu of NVDA, get Teamviewer to speak the ID and password and then go into the speech viewer window to review the info. However, users need to reach out to Teamviewer to alert them of this problem.


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If an individual wants to see my screen using TeamViewer, I must give him my TeamViewer ID and password.  The ID and Password for each session is displayed when I begin a TeamViewer session.  How do you read the TeamViewer and password fields with NVDA?  The tab key does not give you access to these fields. I was unable to access these fields with the screen review and object review modes.


Any help would be appreciated.





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