Re: New Thunderbird Version 102.0 Issues

Roger Stewart

I've just updated to Thunderbird 102.0.  It's working just fine here.  Only issue I have here is that progress bar showing download status is no longer read.  Hope this will be fixed in the next version of NVDA.


On 7/3/2022 2:04 PM, zahra wrote:
hi gene.
what is the best and most accessible version of thunderbird with nvda?
also, how about new versions of firefox with nvda?

On 7/3/22, Gene <gsasner@...> wrote:
Good reasons not to update. I really don't see the need to keep the
program current if you are just using e-mail and don't care about
possible new features.

I'll be curious to see the new setup. I have a copy of Thunderbird
Portable I keep current to keep up with any problems or changes I find
in the program but for general use, I don't use the current version.

I keep one copy current out of curiosity and so I might be of help if
people ask about problems.


On 7/2/2022 4:36 PM, Ron Canazzi wrote:
Hi Group,

The new Thunderbird version 102.0 has some issues. the address book is
configured and different. It is similar to but not exactly like a web
page. for best results in navigating it, turn off virtual cursor and
then use tab key to get to the list of your addresses. first letter
navigation does not work as it did in the past in the address book, so
you will have to use the search field which now appears in the tab
order of the items in the address book. Type the first few letters of
an address you want to highlight and then tab to the list and you will
land on or near the proper address. Use up and down arrow keys if you
don't land exactly on the desired address. This isn't to dissimilar to
the way preferences were changed to be more like a web page a few
years ago in Thunderbird. it takes some getting used to but is quite
usable once you understand what is happening.

In addition, the Mozilla apps enhancement feature for Thunderbird is
broken. I hope the developers will be able to fix this add-on so it
works as it did in the previous versions. We should all send them
e-mails to make them aware of the issues and desirability for a fix.

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