Connecting An Orbit 40 To A Computer Running NVDA

Louis Maher



In order to connect an Orbit Research Orbit 40 Braille display to a computer running NVDA you must put the Orbit 40 into the varioultra40 emulation mode, and set the Orbit 40 to use the hid orbit USB connection type.

You must then go to the NVDA braille settings and select the Baum/Humanware/APH/Orbit braille displays driver.  When I select this driver and hit OK, I get “Braille Display Error  dialog  Could not load the baum display.”.


Has anyone seen this error?  Is anyone using an Orbit 40 with NVDA; if so, what is your braille driver setting?


I have tried the NVDA automatic mode Braille option and, while that loads, the Orbit 40 does not connect to it.  Orbit research says this is an NVDA issue.


Any help would be appreciated.





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