Re: remote access, anyone have it?

Curtis Delzer

thanks, I'll look again.

On 7/4/2022 3:27 AM, Jacob Kruger wrote:
If you go to the downloads page on that site, you'll find the download links for 2.5, etc., which I have running under 2022.2beta 2?

Jacob Kruger
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On 2022-07-04 11:21 AM, Curtis Delzer wrote:
there is nothing to download there, go see and if you find . . .

it appears to be either just a place to potentially donate, but there is no link to an add-on, just reference to work done in 2015? :)

On 7/3/2022 11:23 PM, Chris Smart wrote:
Go to

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I can't find it or get it on the NVDA list of add-ons. How to do an on-line help to my friend who just got a new computer, etc. it's pretty important to him, keep him having to ask for help to someone who doesn't get what having a computer by a blind person is like. His own brother made all kinds of assumptions and . . .

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