Re: I've really gotten myself into a pickle.

Sarah k Alawami

I would, if I could get to the desktop. But I can’t! I’m literally stuck in a loop in terms of the run time thing that keeps coming up even when I know. And I don’t have a desktop shortcut. I got rid of that thing yesterday.

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Sarah check your nvda shortcut properties by pressing alt+enter on the
desktop shortcut. It should indicate it's running under admin
privileges. Delete that piece & you should be good. It's under
compatibility tab, btw.

On 7/4/22, Sarah k Alawami <marrie12@...> wrote:
> Hello to all. I had an ad don  which was not working so I decided to try
> and start nvda with admin privileges. Bad move. Now UAC keeps  asking
> me if I want to make change's. No matter if I hit yes, no, restart my
> system, I cannot get this dialogue to go away.  I really don't know what
> to do now.
> I have a new computer running windows 11 home so I took my portable copy
> and installed nvda  from there. All went well until I tried to use
> resource monitor. It didn't work, no keys worked so I figured to try
> this and now I am in trouble. Is there no way I can get this dialogue to
> go away, or I can in8install nvda somehow outside of windows? I don't
> want to reformat as I just got this thing  set up. I can't even do a
> system restore as this UAC screen is taking over my system and will not
> go away. Help? I can't even run any diagnostics or anything. I guess I
> found a disadvantage to UAC. I like it but right now I am hating it as
> it won't go away. You would think it would but no.
> Thanks.
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