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JM Casey

Hey Sarah.


The bot is “karl bot” and, the instructions about having to check the checkmark are clear enough, but I cannot seem to do it. After the bot’s name it says “react here”. I can get the reactions to come up and there are a whole bunch of them, presumably set up by the server owner. One of them is a checkmark, but I can’t even tell if it is pressed or not. I just haer “check mark – graphic 1” either way.

I sort of figured out how to do this on my phone, in that there’s a buncho f stuff you can select, and by selecting one of the unlabeled things, it allowed me to see the other server channels. But the weird thing is that it doesn’t seem to “stick” … I can go to another channel, but then after a while it just tells me the messages can’t be loaded and I only see the “rules” and ‘welcome” channels again.




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So, this is how I have my server set up as well. You must hit the checkmark. It’s actually at the bottom after the list of reactions. It will say enter to react, not pressed. It enter on it and you should be fine. If it says not pressed after you react then you’re successful. Or at least you should be, depending on the bot.

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Hey everyone.

I use Discord a fair amount nowadays and generally find it to be quite friendly. However today I ran across a server that has a rules channel with a bot that requires you to “hit a green checkmark” to notify that you’ve read and accept the rules. There’s a message that says “react her:”, and I presume the green checkmark is somewhere around there – but it’s not being announced with nVDA and the “reactions menu” just shows a bunch of response graphics.

Anyone have any thoughts on how one can check the green checkmark using the keyboard and NVDA?

I’m not going to give the specific server link in public here on the list, but am hoping maybe someone has encountered this before.




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