Re: Attending a meeting using Microsoft Teams

Pranav Lal



The other thing to remember is when in a team meeting, if you get NVDA speaking through the same soundcard, some kind of audio ducking may take place. I get this a lot with my work laptop’s soundcard. I suspect nvda trigger’s the noise cancelling feature of the internal microphone therefore teams goes quitter.


My answer is to use a USB headset where I can hear teams and nvda.


I suspect is true for any audio meeting application.


The other option I am exploring is to use Braille.



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Subject: [nvda] Attending a meeting using Microsoft Teams




Would someone out there please give me a few tips on how to go about attending a meeting using Microsoft Teams? I looked through the application specific section of the manual and didn’t find anything. There seems to be a lot of info online about this but I’m really just looking for the basics. You will save me a lot of time.


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