Re: typing the letter "I" makes NVDA glitch

Tyler Spivey

This could be the keyboard like Brian said, but I doubt it.
It sounds like you have software running which tries to modify keystrokes (maybe an autocorrect program, AutoHotkey script, or something like that). Check your system tray.
If you need it, try unchecking Handle keys from other applications in NVDA's keyboard settings.

On 7/10/2022 8:04 AM, sandra.gloz@... wrote:
This only started recently, but every time I write something that includes the letter I by itself, like saying, “I went to the store,” typing it and pressing space starts a glitch that lasts a long time. It then types the letter again multiple times by itself and starts deleting and typing it again quickly, and if you type something else after that, it screws up those words too and jumbles up all the letters until it eventually stops and leaves you with a screwed up sentence. (Right now  I will mostly write in second person and use the word you instead of talking in first person for obvious reasons.) The glitch of deleting and typing the same letter can last forever if you don’t start typing something else to interrupt it, which, again, it will still screw up. If you turn NVDA off, the keyboard returns to normal and you can write that letter without glitches.
I can barely type on  this  computer because of this. I’ve also tried restarting my computer and deleting NVDA and redownloading it. Does anyone else have this problem? Or any suggestions for how to fix it?

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