Re: Add-on Updater notice: introducing Project Meteor to refactor add-on download and installation steps


Hi all,

Add-on Updater Project Meteor July 12th build is now available:

I expect this will be the second to last try build in Project Meteor series. This try build includes four changes - two are visible, two I won't talk about on this forum (if you are curious, contact me privately please).


  • Command-line options: Add-on Updater can now take in additional command-line options if available. This feature requires an installed copy of NVDA 2022.1 or later. In fact, in order to take advantage of this feature and other updates, an upcoming release of Add-on Updater (scheduled for later this year) will require NVDA 2022.2 or later.
  • Switching add-on update sources: if you do decide to change add-on update sources from Add-on Updater settings panel, NVDA will ask if you really wish to do it. If you say "yes", the new source will be used, otherwise the old source will be used. Note that if you say "no", Add-on Updater settings panel will not reopen (this is actually a bug in NVDA).
  • Experimental features: shhh, not here.

IMPORTANT: if you do install this try build and happen to tell Add-on Updater to check for Add-on Updater updates, you will be asked to "upgrade" (actually downgrade) to 22.07. I plan to fix this in the next (and final) try build (later this week).



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