Re: Email attachments

Antony Stone

There may in fact be an attachment which you don't think of as one, but the
computer does.

The two commonest reasons for this are:

1. People who send emails with a "business card" style signature at the
bottom, giving their contact details - that is often attached to the email
using a format which can be imported into an address book application, or sent
to a mobile phone etc.

2. People who send emails in both plain text and HTML format - your email
client will be set to show you one of these by default, and often regards the
other one as an attachment, even though as far as you're concerned the content
is exactly the same.

Hope that helps,


On Saturday 15 October 2016 at 13:33:56, Monte Single wrote:

Same subject; different twist.

I use m s outlook 2013; quite often says attachment when there is none.

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