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Ravindran V.S.


- Introduced beeps to signal the add-on is working;""
This is a great and useful addition. Keeps us informed that the OCR is running. Better if it could be a progress beep like in NVDA. So that we could be aware what percentage is completed.

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From 2022.06 to 2022.06.27:

- Updated Tesseract from version 5.0 Alpha (64-bit) to 5.1 (32-bit);
- Added several more recognition languages;
- Introduced the option to select a second language to be used in OCR of documents with multiple languages and a button to forget it;
- Introduced a new document type, "With auto-orientation", that allows the OCR engine to rotate the image as necessary;
- Introduced beeps to signal the add-on is working;
- Corrected code to avoid the non population of the download languages combobox;
- Corrected a problem with controlTypes roles preventing compatibility with NVDA 2020.4;
- Added russian translation.

From 2022.06.27 to 2022.07:

- Allow using any number of recognition languages;
- Complete code re-wrote, including:
- Split in various modules to make code clear;
- End using batch files;
- Allow recognize files on Desktop;
- Added translation to spanish, french, russian and ukranian.

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What is the difference between the old and new ones?

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