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I don't think this is the issue here. If you go to desktop then toggle back does it work then? I've seen this effect on machines with slow processors or little ram. I guess the data to enable the browsing gets lost or something. Also always use the 64 bit version of a browser, as sometimes this seems to screw up accessibility. Until we know the browser involved, then we are just guessing.

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Not sure why but I also had that problem on 2 different computers and
for that last 3 years of NVDA updates.

I fixed it by going into NVDA preferences, settings, advanced.

Then tab and hit space bar. Now you can tab to use UIA with edge and
other chrome based browsers. you want to set that to no. Now every thing
will show in the browser.

On 7/13/2022 2:30 PM, Steven Hicks wrote:

Hi all,

new install of Microsoft Windows 10 and NvDA.

When I open a web page, I cannot move around to read it with the arrow
keys, it only responds to the tab key, any ideas why please?

Many thanks in anticipation,

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