Re: When updating nvda, do I always need to deactivate / activate the eloquence nvda add on again?

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I'm not sure what you are saying. I'd have thought that as the drivers are part of nvda, at least when it updates, it has to do a restart and hence cannot speak.
In the case of windows updates when windows does this it normally runs in a mode where as few bits of windows are running as possible, so it can update system files and then reboots. So are you saying that this loses the paid for voices unless you deactivated them before the update then re enable after it? That would seem a little odd since most registered software seems happy to re initialise as windows reboots.
What are you trying to hear during the update process, as of course Narrator can be set to at least talk some prompts, and maybe finding a different default voice might help, but unless Microsoft are going to do an Apple and put in Eloquence as standard, you are probably stuck with whatever happens here.

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Subject: [nvda] When updating nvda, do I always need to deactivate / activate the eloquence nvda add on again?

As the example the recent RC version of nvda 2022.2

Or any nvda releases for that matter. Except for add on breaking releases obviously.

I wish I knew a Definitive answer for this particular add on. As I use it exclusively for my hearing impairment.

While I understand the situation where it's obvious to deactivate. Formatting the drive, upgrading internals. Etc.

Is it Absolutely, necessary, every time, when there's an nvda update or even a: feature update to windows 10 or 11.

For those who use the add on, would love to know your thoughts.

With kind regards


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