Re: Add-on Updater notice: introducing Project Meteor to refactor add-on download and installation steps


Hi all,

A significant change is now being tested in Project Meteor in the form of a new try build:

The biggest change (to be included in upcoming Add-on Updater stable release) is that disabled add-ons will not be updated by default. Depending on background add-on updates setting:

  • Background updates on: NVDA will just ignore disabled add-ons altogether.
  • Background updates off: disabled add-ons will be unchecked in add-on updates dialog (the one you get after checking for add-on updates). If you somehow check disabled add-ons and select "update add-ons," NVDA will ask if you wish to update disabled add-ons as updating them will enable them after restarting NVDA. If you say "no", NVDA will return you to ad-on updates dialog where you can uncheck disabled add-ons.



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