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Tony Ballou


Also there were In the early to mid-80's, the Echo, and echo2-plus I believe if memory serves me correct, and Artic's Business Vision. And dating back to the first computer and screen reader access that I experienced which was while I was a student at the Community College of Philadelphia, 1984's Information through Speech systems which were designed and produced by Maryland Computer service. They've come so far from those days, and there's more than enough history for a book.


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Yes, there was:
TexTalker by Street
Screen Talk, Vocal-Eyes, and Window-Eyes by GW Windows Bridge Vert and Vert Pro ProTalk ISOSS Flipper ASAP ASAW Artic Tiny Talk VOS (Verbal Operating System)

And, probably, many more.  And each of them probably have a background story.  To do a proper history, one could write a book; not just an article.

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I still miss ASAP and my Accent PC card. LOL

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Very good as a summary. A complete history would have covered many more screen readers and their developers.


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very nice informative article.

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Yes not read it all yet. I'd no idea it was accessibility week, or
are we late to the party due to inaccessibility. grin

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I came across this today and am sharing it here because I think that
many here will find it interesting. (Link below my name.)


The hidden history of screen readers;

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