Re: Looking for accessible data recovery software for iPhones

Pranav Lal

Hi Brian,

I hear you. The issue is resolved. I did not have to use any software. The
iPhone has a feature where images are moved to a recently deleted folder and
I had not realized that that had happened. I have recovered the data.


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Personally I'd not ask here, since this is an nvda list. There are lots of
apple lists. Your main issue will be the sandboxing that Apple puts stuff in
to protect privacy. Anything that can undelete stuff is going to be hacking
the OS. I guess, then you do not have an offline back up using Itunes on a
PC? Often the only way out is frequent back ups and then you can restore
the whole phone which may be the only way.

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Subject: [nvda] Looking for accessible data recovery software for iPhones

Hi all,

Does anyone know of an accessible program that will recover deleted images
on an iPhone? There are plenty of them if you search but none appear to be
usable at least with a screen reader hence my question.

I have tried disk-drill, phoneRescue, iMyFone D-Back for iOS and stelar data
recovery. Stelar data recovery is the most accessible but its scan crashes
25% of the way through therefore I do not know what is happening there.

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