Re: Article on Screen Reader History (including NVDA)

Luke Davis

On Jul 16, Karl Smith wrote:

Does anyone remember the speakwalizer? This was a hardware device developed by someone in the NFB which
connected to a DOS computer and provided speech. I don’t think it required a screen reader as I believe it took information sent to it from the screen and
allowed the user to navigate with controls on the device. I seem to remember it was the only device which would talk during computer setup even before the
OS was running but I may be wrong about that.
I had heard of it, though I don't know if I knew its name. It was this mythical amazing thing that could let you do BIOS/CMOS configurations and accessible OS installs. In my circles there were rumors floating about it, but nobody knew where or how to get one.

I eventually got so good with the DOS setup process, that I could do the whole thing without sighted help; but being able to do POST and firmware work would have been grand indeed.

That was a much more necessary technology to have back then, if you were in the PC building game. I was, but never had any money to really try and track that gadget down.


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