Re: Solved: NVDA reverb sound when using new logitech USB headset

Luke Robinett

Sorry. I missed one step. When you right click on the audio device exhibiting the echo, choose properties from the context menu. Then you get the dialogue I mentioned in the next step

On Jul 18, 2022, at 9:53 AM, Luke Robinett via <lukelistservs@...> wrote:

This was originally going to be a question but as I was working on this email I actually stumbled into the solution, so I thought I’d share that instead in case others experience this. I just got a new logitech H870e headset and was getting an echo or reverb like sound when using it with NVDA. Initially I thought it was just with NVDA but the same thing happened with narrator, and then I pulled up a YouTube video and lo and behold, actually all the audio coming through the headset exhibited this echo.

Long story short, you go to Control panel, hardware and sound, click sound, right click on the audio device exhibiting the issue, go to the advanced tab of the dialogue that pops up and uncheck the option “enable audio enhancements,”hit apply then OK. For me, this immediately removed the echo. Hope this helps somebody

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