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Tapinradio is a Windows program that allows you to listen to radio stations from around the world. The link for the program is

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On 10/15/2016 12:20 PM, Георги Ламбов wrote:

   Hi people!

The explanations are wonderful and they'll be also useful

for me but! Which program is tab and radio? I know several programs for listening of radio but I've never heard about tab and radio. Would you like to give me link to download and try it?
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На 15.10.2016 г. в 17:47 ч., Gene написа:
Have you tabbed around the program and looked through the menus?  When the program opens, you are in a search field.  You may either search for something such as a station or a state or a country or for an organization such as national public radio, the name of the organization that many stations use in their names in The United states, or, though I haven't done this, I suspect you can search for a format such as jazz.  When you have typed your search, shift tab once.  You will be in the results.  Down arrow through them.  You can also use first letter navigation.  Press enter on something if you want it to play.  You can add the station to favorites if you wish.  Control a opens favorites.  Press enter to add the current station.  Favorites work as expected.  Open the favorites menu with alt a and then down arrow to see them. 
There are many other ways to work with the program.  I'll let others discuss those if they wish.  for now, remember that f2 starts play if you are already at a station and f2 also stops play.  For example, if you stop play of a radio station, f2 will start play again.  It will do this even if you close the program and open it again. 
In the main window, use the command f1 to bring up a list of short cuts.  Close the list with escape. 
Look through menus and dialogs.  Also, I believe shift f1 opens online help in your default browser. 
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Hi I am new to tap and Radio and I am trying to figure out how to use it with NVDA i can't seem to be able to find and play a station any help either on or off list would be appritiated thanks

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