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When someone donates, say $ 30.00, when converted from US dollars to Australian money, what is the gain or loss to the $30.00?  Yes I know about the small fee but I wondered what affect the exchange rate made to the donation itself before the fee is subtracted.  



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Just confirming what Brian said - using our site is a convenience, since it auto fills all that information, but you could do it directly from the PayPal app or site, and that way, as Brian noted, you could choose to donate £14 or ¥500 or any amount in any other currency you can access.  Anything you donate gets converted to Australian dollars.  There is a small fee, but it's much less than paying directly via the bank.


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I would imagine so, since the NVAccess Donation Page uses PayPal as the transfer method (at least by default, you can use bank transfer and they give the information there for that).

For the $30 one-time donation, the donation URL is: 

Even though it's long, that indicates that the PayPal address for NVAccess is admin@..., the currency being used on the website is Australian Dollars (but I'm sure any currency will be fine, as PayPal converts), and the specific amount in that case is $30.

Using the same PayPal address in the app should result in the money going to precisely the same place no matter where in the world you're donating from.

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