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Sam Bushman

Actually choose help and under that option you can submit a station for

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Yes|, it exists. You can propose new station. I think the option find
itself in the file menu. But you only can propose any radioStation but you
can't add it as it is at radioSure. you also can add radios at favourite.

На 15.10.2016 г. в 22:11 ч., brennenkinch@... написа:
Does anyone know if they will still take station requests

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On Oct 15, 2016, at 2:12 PM, Георги Ламбов <obichamlegiona@...>


By the way I was almost sure, that the speech goes about tapin radio but
thought anyway that there's another program called: tab and radio, which I
don't know about.


На 15.10.2016 г. в 20:14 ч., David Goldfield написа:
The first thing I should mention about Tapinradio is that pressing
f1 brings up a list of shortcut keys.

The quickest way to search for a station is to press ctrl+E.

Enter a call sign or a name.

At this point, pressing ctrl+Q moves into the list of possible
search results.

Press enter to play a station in the list.

ctrl+s stops the audio.

Ctrl+p will play it.

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Assistive Technology Specialist

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On 10/15/2016 10:01 AM, brennenkinch@... wrote:
Hi I am new to tap and Radio and I am trying to figure out how to
use it with NVDA i can't seem to be able to find and play a station
any help either on or off list would be appritiated thanks

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