Re: Latest Version of Addon Updater is not compatible with my just-updated NVDA, is there an alternative?

Sharni-Lee Ward

I just realised I had an old package from the last time I had to do this still sitting in my downloads folder. It's been years. That's actually sort of embarrassing. I had the right version all along and just ran it. Thanks for making me double-check what I downloaded today!
On 22/07/2022 12:10 pm, Sharni-Lee Ward wrote:

The version I downloaded was 21.0. I went to the site you get to when pressing "Get Addons" in the addons manager. Was that not the right thing to do?

On 22/07/2022 12:03 pm, Joseph Lee wrote:


I'm assuming you've downloaded Add-on Updater from community add-ons website. If so, the latest version should be 22.07. I'm wondering why NVDA 2022.2 is saying Add-on Updater is incompatible as the add-on supports NVDA 2021.3 and newer releases and compatible with them.



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