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Marilyn and Don Bilderback

Thanks, I do know about the volatility of exchange rates, just wanted to get some idea of what it might be.  I donated only one time in the past and was thinking of doing it again soon.




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On Thu, Jul 21, 2022 at 09:39 PM, Marilyn and Don Bilderback wrote:

affect the exchange rate made to the donation itself before the fee is subtracted.

There is no way to answer that question that's meaningful in the long term, or even for hours at times.

Your best bet, regardless of the currency you're starting with, is to use Google or any web search engine to convert the amount into Australian Dollars (AUD).

Entering "30 USD to AUD" (sans quotes) or "500 JPY in AUD" if you were using Japanese Yen or "30 EUR in AUD" if using Euros.  And that's if you're donating in those currencies in the app.

From what I can tell about the URL at the NVAccess Donation Page, it takes $30 AUD from the source you specify, so you'd have to do the conversion in the opposite direction, "30 AUD in USD" to know how much would come out of your PayPal account regardless of payment source.

Right now $30 US is $44.16 Australian.    $30 Australian is $20.68 US.   That will be different, even if only slightly, tomorrow.  Exchange rates change moment to moment and are sometimes very stable for a period of time and others vary wildly very quickly.

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