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No sorry I'm not indeed I just had an update, the anti virus still updates and a third party anti virus has found no issues. I am not starting a war over this, but there are very specific reasons for not going to windows 10 or 11, to do with software that actually works against new versions of software that have been screwed up for accessibility. As these are niche, I shall say no more. I do have a machine running 10, but as I say, its not for the tasks I mainly need. I have never ever had issues with xp either on security, tests show that the machines were always clean, and always ran without problems since most of the problems I get here, particularly 1with 10 are when windows updates things and breaks something else.
I am after all not a corporate user I am a small charity with back ups everywhere.

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That’s a very old version at this point. Windows 7 came out in 2009. You’re probably experiencing some other difficulties including potential security holes and compatibility issues. I’m just wondering if you’ve ever considered upgrading to windows 10 or 11?

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What NVDA latest version can a person use on win 7
And question 2
In outlook if I type a new meassage why is not showing the concates.

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