Re: Mcaffee DLP endpoint security software causes NVDA to stop working correctly

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Yes I've seen this affect Firefox if some add one claims safe browsing. What they really mean is OK we will treat all users as idiots and monitor everything and block what we don't like completely missing the point that some people are blind. Took me a while to figure out what was going on, but then I'm admin on my machines. Unfortunately if you have an it department then it is they who need to fix it, since not doing so is probably not legal in law.

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You have to search the solution in the mcaffee DlP program so you have
to contact the IT department.
This is a protection that prevent the keys to work and is a sort of
virus/hacking protection.
I know that some anti-virus programs do have a simular option that you
can also disable so the screenreader will work. This problem will also
occure with Jaws.


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I was wondering if anyone could help, recently my organisation has rolled out a new IT security policy and as part of this they have implemented a data loss prevention tool called mcaffee DlP end point, which takes the form of a Microsoft edge extension. ( ) However, since it's been installed both browsers that use chromium, chrome and edge have stopped responding with NVDA, for example pressing k to jump to each link no longer works, the cursor doesn't move and neither does NVDA read out any information, however I can still implement the Microsoft edge keyboard shortcuts but NVDA won't read anything out.
i'm using the latest version of NVDA and latest version of edge.
Can anyone suggest what might be happening here?

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