Re: Please update Enhanced Phonetic Reading App

Janet Brandly

Hi Joseph,


So can I update this app from the info Brian provided? I’m using Windows 10 with the latest version of NVDA with the MS Richard voice, if that helps.






From: <> On Behalf Of Joseph Lee
Sent: July 20, 2022 7:00 PM
Subject: Re: [nvda] Please update Enhanced Phonetic Reading App



The criticism and rebuke are warranted - I apologize for making things messier, especially to Janet for not showing professionalism in my answer earlier.

While the add-on was updated on Spanish community add-ons catalog (sometimes called, a few weeks ago I did ask community add-ons people to review the latest version of Enhanced Phonetic Reading compatible with NVDA 2022.1. I did update this request, noting that this feature is now part of NVDA, but the add-on author reminded me that there are internal differences between how the add-on does things and the method employed in NVDA. Whereas the add-on uses a timer to measure how long it should delay before announcing character descriptions, NVDA uses a synthesizer command to achieve this. The biggest concern from the add-on author (not me) is speech synthesizer add-on differences - not all speech synthesizers are compatible with recent NVDA releases, or if they are compatible, they do not implement a key piece that NVDA wants to use. As part of delayed character description work, SAPI4 synthesizer code was edited to support the key piece needed to support delayed character descriptions. As NVDA uses synthesizer (more towards speech) commands, one thing you will notice is that some speech synthesizers (notably Microsoft SAPI5) will have a slightly more delay when reading characters phonetically than other speech synthesizers (tested with eSpeak NG, SAPI5, Windows OneCore, Nuance Vocalizer, all of them supporting this feature).

If things went as planned, Enhanced Phonetic Reading compatible with NVDA 2022.1 would have been in your hands by now, but the request I posted about it are awaiting review and approval from community add-ons folks at the moment. The add-on author (again not I) and NVDA folks had a lengthy debate about implementation issues surrounding this feature. I concur with the add-on author on the point about speech synthesizer add-on updates and maintenance, and these add-ons are more sensitive to compatibility breaking changes as some deal with speech internals.

Again my apologies for making things difficult.



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