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Hi Bonnie, f11 isn't necessary on the IPhone, you're already controling your PC as soon as you connect with both devices. You need to have the same host usually and the same key on both. but should you need to press an f key on Windows, remember that on the IPhone the f keys control media functions unless you press them in conjunction with the fn (function key) on your keyboard. Also remember that the alt and windows keys will be reversed because of how Apple maps them. So when you want to alt tab, what you really must do is windows key tab, which is actually option as far as your phone is concerned. Alt becomes command, and therefore it becomes windows in the remote program, so press alt to get to the start menu where you would normally press windows. So for an example, to alt+f4 close a program you now need to press fn+option+f4, which is the same key as fn+windows+f4. You will also need possibly to press left and right arrows simultaneously once to turn off the quick nav that you probably forgot you have on constantly for your IPhone. If it's on, arrow keys won't do what they normally do in Windows and you will wonder why you can't read documents. Also, there is a long delay in when Voiceover speaks what is coming from NVDA, so you have to get used to that.

Shawn Klein

On 7/23/2022 9:07 AM, zhu bonie wrote:

    Hi all
I saw an article about how to use NVDA remote add-on on our Chinese NVDA community website. It told that iPhone can also control my computer by this remote add-on, because there is an application called "NVDA remote" on iPhone.But after I connected successfully, I can only open the NVDA menu, and all keys I pressed after that were invalid. I was still controlling my iPhone, not my computer. The key “F11”, which is used for switching control between iPhone and my computer, doesn’t work. My bluetooth keyboard which is used for controlling my iPhone is logi K375s. 
Does anyone have a solution? Thanks a ton!
Best regards

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