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Oh I forgot. You said you got the NVDA menu, so maybe you have a working insert or NVDA key. My Mathias Bluetooth keyboard that can pair to 4 devices and switch between them doesn't have another insert key. When controlling NVDA the numpad insert is always 0 even with numlock off on the pc, so you need the other insert key unless you have your NVDA key set to caps lock. But I had to remember that for my keyboard you have to use fn+delete on the middle 9-pack which normal keyboards have the 6-pack to get the insert key. Your keyboard may not have this issue, but this is for anyone who has it. Another thing with the remote on the IPhone, since input is really fast, but speech output is slow, output just keeps building up on the phone if you're just using your NVDA speech and ignoring the IPhone speech as I was doing to remind myself how all this works, so Voiceover ends up several commands behind yacking about stuff you did a minute ago lol. So if you wanted to use your phone as a long range wireless keyboard for your pc you'd probably want some other wireless way to get audio directly for NVDA unless you're ok with the very delayed output from the phone. I'm very tempted to get an FM transmitter for this purpose.

Shawn Klein

On 7/23/2022 11:13 AM, Arlene wrote:

Hmmm, I didn’t know that.  I wasn’t sure if you can control the Pc using an apple product such as the I Phone.  I know if both the Pc and the Android phone if it does use NVDA. I think you  can control the computer using your windows phone. 


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From: zhu bonie
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Subject: [nvda] Using NVDA remote via an iPhone?


    Hi all

I saw an article about how to use NVDA remote add-on on our Chinese NVDA community website. It told that iPhone can also control my computer by this remote add-on, because there is an application called "NVDA remote" on iPhone.But after I connected successfully, I can only open the NVDA menu, and all keys I pressed after that were invalid. I was still controlling my iPhone, not my computer. The key F11, which is used for switching control between iPhone and my computer, doesnt work. My bluetooth keyboard which is used for controlling my iPhone is logi K375s. 

Does anyone have a solution? Thanks a ton!

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