Re: NVDA 2022.2 and Vocalizer Driver Version 5

Daniel Sommerfeld

Hi Abbie and all.

Sorry if i wasn't very clear. I will copy the list entry here so you know what i mean.

Nuance Vocalizer 5.5 driver; Status: Incompatible; Version: 2.1.2; Autor: Tiflotecnia, LDA.

So i am really talking about the version 2. You can activate your license with a key file. I am using this old driver also, because there is a german voice, wich is not available on version 3.

What confuses me is, that at the beginning of the list entry it sais version 5. Sorry for confusing you. :-)



Am 23.07.2022 um 23:25 schrieb Abbie Taylor:

Hello. I use Code Factory's Vocalizer. When I upgraded to the latest version of NVDA, there was no problem. It still works. I hope that helps.

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