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Russell James


I experienced some accessibility regressions with Firefox after updating NVDA that were fortunately resolved when I restarted the computer.


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Is this on all pages? I've seen sluggishness in many browsers, but think its
the complex javascript in the page. Waterfox is worse, Edge a bit better.
 Are we sure its not also slow if no screenreader is running?

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Using NVDA 22.2 and 22.1 with Mozilla firefox 102 has lend to the tab
key not moving through links or form fields or if doing so very sluggishly.

List of elements still works as expected, though it does not help when
interacting with form fields swiftly.

I have restarted with add-ons disabled, but this persists.

If somebody else has the same issue and has found a solution, please share.



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