Re: Reading Japanese with NVDA 2022.2


All I can say is, hopefully AI will be able to solve this soon so we don't have to worry about compliance. Getting them to make sites accessible in general is hard enough lol.

Shawn Klein

On 7/24/2022 5:48 PM, Brian Vogel wrote:

On Sun, Jul 24, 2022 at 06:42 PM, Shawn wrote:
I don't think you're going to convince a website owner to comb through his site setting the right language attributes for each phrase in a given language on pages where more than 1 languages are present.
After the fact on a general purpose website, you're almost certainly correct.

But any website that's supposed to be about language learning, if they care about accessibility (and that, sadly, is an "if"), should certainly be using language marking attributes correctly.  I'd expect the same for professionally published materials where there is frequent switching between languages, at least for recently created materials.

I once worked with a client who was using materials that were written in English with a lot of Swedish mixed in.  Nothing could automatically read (or OCR) this correctly as there were no language markers and, in the case of OCR, it used either English, or Swedish, but not both for any given pass of the document.

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