Re: Using NVDA remote via an iPhone?


Hi, I never tried the TTS, just Voiceover, so I can't tell you that one, but as soon as you press the home button on your phone you'll be out of the NVDA remote app and can do other things on your phone with the keyboard I would think. I actually haven't tried that either, I usually just use gestures directly on the phone to disconnect the NVDA remote app when I'm done. I really haven't actually tried to use it for any length of time, so never really needed to switch from using it to doing something on my phone, but if I did, I would just use the phone's screen and the home button to navigate away from it as I would if I weren't using the keyboard at all.

Shawn Klein

On 7/25/2022 9:42 AM, zhu bonie wrote:

Hi Shawn 
Thanks so much for your kind help! It's really detailed.
Now I want to switch the control of my iPhone and computer freely. After I controlled my computer, I want to control my iPhone again. What should I do?
I also find that if I close the screen of my iPhone, the remote will stop. Is it right?
Finally, now I have to turn off my voice-over to use the TTS speech engine. When I turn on voice-over again, the remote will also stop. Therefore, I can only control one of the two devices. Is it right?

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