Re: Facebook and Twitter shortcut keys compattibility with NVDA?

Nimer Jaber


Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, and many others are examples of web apps. Modal and non-modal screen readers work a bit differently, but they all have some sort of functionality for allowing you to pass keys to the web app, or to have keys perform screen reading functionality. in the case of NVDA, it seems that you already know your options. Use focus mode, or turn off virtual navigation keys. With some web apps, NVDA automatically goes into focus mode anyway.

On Mon, Jul 25, 2022 at 8:42 AM Akash Kakkar <akash.diverse@...> wrote:

Is there any way to use the facebook/Twitter shortcut keys for example
"J/K" to scroll with NVDA without turning off the browse mode or single
key shortcuts?

Any best practices to use Facebook and Twitter with NVDA?


Nimer Jaber

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